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June 6, 1944: D-Day
The epic of war, told by a grain of sand...

I have seen many photo series and books with pictures taken in historically significant locations. Often sites of the 1st and 2nd World War, charged with meaning through history. The approach was always understandable to me - so here it took place, the great battle - but it is also true that the pictures have never really reached me.

Donald Weber and his colleagues have chosen a different approach. WAR SAND is a kaleidoscope. Yes, they exist, the landscape shots, photographed on the beaches of Normandy, where the Allies landed in June 1944 and the beginning of the Third Reich´s end was sealed. But there is much more: The description of a preparatory mission to take soil and rock samples. The scientific evaluation of the samples, which was necessary for the meticulous planning of the landing at different beach sections. A photo novela composed of original documents and excerpts from Hollywood films, a map, a crossword puzzle ...

The dimension of the operation becomes palpable and also the impossibility to conclusively answer all questions about war and peace, life and death, individual and collective memory. That´s what makes this book so great.

Highly recommended!
Polygon 2018 /// Paperback /// 195×290 mm /// 372 pp. /// fold-out map insert /// 195+ colour and B&W images /// Text by Larry Frolick, Kevin Robbie and Donald Weber /// Mainly English, some French and German

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