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A Syrian Gaze is the latest publication by Mare Nero and not so easy to describe. So I'll just start with the facts:

The set, which is delivered in a die-cut metal slipcase, consists of a book with 152 pages, 2 postcards, a poster and a USB stick with music. The archaeologist Francesco Del Bravo is the author of the included essay, which deals with the impact of the current situation in Syria on cultural heritage and the loss of collective and personal memory. Photographs created during Del Bravo´s excavations were the basis for the sequence of manipulated images produced by Mare Negro. Very disturbing, everything seems to dissolve. On an attached USB stick is a soundtrack by NORS, which should be played while watching the book.

Overall, a very unusual, complex and gloomy work, which has been published in an edition of only 30 copies.
Mare Nero 2017 /// Limited Edition of 30 copies + 5 Artist’s Proof /// Iron Case 21 x 14 x 2 cm /// 152 pages book /// 2 postcards (A5) /// 1 poster (A3) /// 1 USB stick containing the Soundtrack (Wav files + MP3 320 kbps)

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