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Mike Mandel grew up in San Fernado Valley, California. In his childhood in the 1950s he could walk just about everywhere he needed to go, to school, to friends, to the playground. When he turned twenty he realised the importance of the automobile for his life and started to photograph people in their cars.

He always went to the same crossing in Van Nuys and photographed with his wide-angle lens from a short distance. In the warm California climate, the car windows were open and, of course, the people noticed him and responded: bored, amused, acting, and some annoyed.

It would be exciting to see how the reactions would be today. Anyway, PEOPLE IN CARS is certainly a nice collection of door handles, steering wheels, driving mirrors and, of course, characters from another era.
STANLEY / BARKER 2017 /// 297 x 210 mm /// 72 Pages /// 34 Duotone Photographs /// Softback, swiss catalogue bound

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