ANTOINE D´AGATA /// NEW YORK 1989-93         de | en

Antoine D´Agata can not be ignored. His themes are addiction, sex, pain, ecstasy, dissolution, alienation, isolation, obsession, decay and destruction. His pictures are hard to bear but very strong and captivating.

This small but very well-designed leporello shows pictures taken in New York from 1989-1993, where the photographer at the ICP studied with Larry Clark and Nan Goldin: Portraits, some photographed by Morten Andersen, self portraits, dark street scenes, grainy BW pictures with veins and syringes and in addition tear-out journal snippets and drawings. Like a prologue to the great work that has come about.

The text supplement, which includes a letter from the year 1991, is also exciting.
Andre Frere Editions 2016 /// 13,5 x 18 cm /// 68 pages accordeon /// Colour- and black-and-white illustrations throughout /// Text booklet in Engilsh and French

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