Batia Suter´s ›Parallel Encyclopedia‹ is one of the most astonishing books that I have ever seen. Unfortunately the book has long been out of print. But now I am even more astonished because ›Parallel Encyclopedia #2‹ has just been released.

And I can only repeat what I said about Vol.1.

On nearly 600 pages the volume shows thousands of images printed in colour and black and white from countless sources, the most different epochs and all fields which could be important for the life on our planet.

Fossils, plants, John Travolta, ancient buildings, ships, rivers, ice cream, mountains, kings, ordinary people ... the list is endless.

The compilation of the pictures is crazy, but not random. I am in the head of another person and I have the feeling to get a little bit closer to the provisional explanation of the world with each page.

Those who love 'Vol.1' must also have this book. Those who missed ›Vol.1‹, even more.
Roma Publications /// 592 Pages /// illustrations in colour & bw throughout /// 21 x 28 cm /// Hardcver /// English

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