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›I hope something special will step into my life,
another fine edition of you.‹
Roxy Music / Editions Of You

The team from BBB-Books continues to experiment with the photo book format in a very exciting way. For Tobias Fäldts ›581c Vol 2 & 3‹ techniques are used which are known from other art forms but have rarely been applied to photobooks. In popular music there is the remix. I know of films that show the same story from different perspectives or in multiple assemblies and as we read above, Bryan Ferry already in 1972 was looking forward to a new version – of his lover?

›581c‹ is assembled from motifs with more or less strange characters and scenes and lots of blank pages that interrupt the flow of images. A plausible story can not be found. What I find tedious and boring in many books, comes with a whole new twist here in the second half. The pictures come back, however, sequence and image pairs are arranged differently, and some pictures are upside down. And clearly, if there is a second version, a lot more are feasible. Thus it is fun to flip through. Just like the beautiful packaging with the endless pattern that continues on the back and the edges of the book which has no cover in the classical sense and on the rear and the front what? The same motif in two versions.

Per aspera ad astra. Although not every experiment succeeds, the stars can only be reached on new paths.
B-B-B Books 2012 /// 21,3 x 29,7 cm /// 244 pages /// 122 color illustrations /// no text /// softcover encased in a black box

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