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The idea of carrying out a special project on the work of the italian photographer Gabriele Basilico, who has portrayed some of the best urban landscapes ever photographed, arose as a result of the work he did on one of the city that he knows best and deeply loves. His long, constant observation of Milan, his native city, was the starting point for his personal style, which he adapted to each of the other cities he has photographed afterwards. As a continuation of his usual trajectory, this book -catalogue of the exhibition held at the IVAM in Valencia- contain a unique view of three very different cities, united by the photographer\'s attentive glance. The first group of images is a selection of his work on Milan, made between 1980 and 1998. Then comes a second group consisting of a series on Berlin made in 2000. The third group of photographs is the result of an invitation to photograph Valencia at the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001.
These 150 photographs make up a trilogy that allows us to admire Gabriele Basilico\'s extraordinary glance. The contrast between his native city and one city in the north and another in the south clearly manifests the similarities in urban development in spite of the differences inherent in each city, though creating a single imaginary city.
Actar, 194 Seiten, 245 x 160 mm, ca. 150 duotone-Bilder, englisch/spanisch, FRÜHER € 28.00

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