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JORDI BERNARDO /// TRUE LOVING         de | en
What fascinates Jordi Bernadó about world maps are place names. Looking at a map of the United States, he was attracted to the equivocal coincidences like Tokyo, Bagdad, or Rome, and his imagination went wild with the promises made by names like Happy, Eden, or Utopia. He began to look through geography and recover forgotten and ignored histories. With the passionate sensibility of the romantic explorer, he gives tenderness to even the most grotesque images. He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and the exceptional into the ordinary. He cultivates stories and builds them with subjective intuition, wonder, and dreams. With his formidably acute humour, he chronicles his transatlantic travels across the United States with landscape photographs charged with poetic sensibility, emotion, imagination, history, and philosophy. The places he depicts cannot be found in any travel guide.

Actar 2007 /// 160 Seiten /// 300 x 240 mm Hardcover /// mit Extra-Büchlein im Cover /// englisch /// VORHER EUR 50

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